Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping can be accomplished using various methods to enhance your creative idea.
It is available in both metallic and non-metallic options, and no matter which is used, the end result is always dramatic. Often times, the addition of foil will turn a good piece into an award winning one.

A few general rules to remember when designing a piece:

• Avoid large heavy coverage with your images
The amount of pressure and heat required for foil to adhere becomes excessive with heavy coverage. This is especially true when there is a combination of fine small detail combined with heavy coverage. The finer images tend to “fill in” in this situation.

• Foil adheres to smooth papers more easily than course stocks. When ink, varnish or another coating is applied, always use a “wax free” ink or coating that is foilable/stampable. Your ink supplier will be knowledgeable about this.

• Knock out areas
When very tight registration is needed, it is always best not to “knock out” the area where the foil is going to be applied whenever possible. This prevents a lot of problems later in the production of the piece.

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